Origin Oils aims to revolutionize Davana Oil production and its supply chain by addressing industry challenges and creating opportunities for farmers. Davana Oil, extracted from Artemisia pallens, is prized for its fragrance and therapeutic properties, yet faces supply constraints due to limited cultivation areas and volatile prices.

Origin Oils plans to expand Davana cultivation to alternate regions, diversify the supply base, and stabilize prices. After two years of research, we’ve successfully commercialized Davana Oil, marking a significant milestone.

Our initiative not only benefits the fragrance industry but also empowers farmers by introducing Davana cultivation as an additional cash crop, thereby enhancing livelihoods & promoting sustainable economic development. Through innovation & collaboration, We aim to unlock the full potential of Davana Oil.

Project Overview : Revolutionizing Davana Oil Production and Supply Chain

  1. Introduction: Davana Oil, extracted from the aromatic herb Artemisia pallens, is renowned for its distinctive fragrance and therapeutic properties. Widely used in the fragrance and cosmetics industries, Davana Oil adds a unique and complex note to perfumes, colognes, and skincare products.
  2. Current Cultivation Areas: Davana is primarily cultivated in parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, India, where the climatic and soil conditions are conducive to its growth. However, the limited geographical spread of cultivation contributes to supply challenges and price volatility.
  3. Annual Production: The total annual production of Davana is relatively modest, primarily due to the niche market demand and cultivation constraints. Despite its high value in the industry, the annual output remains constrained by factors such as weather variability and agricultural practices.
  4. Supply Challenges: The increased industry demand for Davana Oil has exacerbated supply challenges, stemming from irregular weather patterns and significant price fluctuations. With oil prices varying by over 200% from year to year, customers face uncertainties in sourcing and utilizing Davana in their applications.
  5. Solution by Origin Oils: At Origin Oils, we recognize the urgent need to address the supply and price instability of Davana Oil. To tackle this issue, we are expanding Davana cultivation to alternate regions, diversifying the supply base, and fostering price stability. By doing so, we aim to encourage wider industry adoption of Davana Oil.
  6. Research and Development Milestone: After two years of intensive research and development efforts, Origin Oils is proud to announce the successful commercial availability of our first batch of Davana Oil. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the Davana Oil supply chain.
  7. Impact on Farmers’ Income: Beyond mitigating supply chain challenges, our initiative promises substantial benefits for farmers. By introducing Davana cultivation as an additional cash crop, we empower farmers to diversify their income streams and enhance their livelihoods. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and uplifting rural communities.

In summary, Origin Oils’ initiative to transform Davana Oil production and supply chain not only addresses industry challenges but also creates opportunities for farmers and promotes sustainable economic development. Through innovation and collaboration, we strive to unlock the full potential of Davana Oil, enriching both the fragrance industry and the lives of agricultural communities.