Our Projects

Here's where the results of our efforts become evident. Every project is custom-tailored to address the distinct requirements of its local community. Through collaborative partnerships, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, crafting effective solutions. Small-scale farmers cultivate and vend their produce to Origin Oils, forming a vital part of our supply chain.
''We take great pride in providing support and empowerment to local farmer communities.''


Origin Oils’ initiative to transform Davana Oil production and supply chain not only addresses industry challenges but also creates opportunities for farmers and promotes sustainable economic development.


Lemongrass Cultivation Project in Anuppur stands as a beacon of sustainable development, empowering tribal communities, agricultural landscapes meeting the demand for natural, ethically sourced products.


Origin Oils’ Sustainable Nagarmotha Collection Initiative embodies a holistic approach to resource management, emphasizing environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability.

''Partner with us to support the efforts of small-scale farmers''

Seed sowing, Plantation and Harvesting