Origin Oils proprietary technology will be used to provide traceability, transparency and assurance of unadulterated product to the
customer. Better yields through Agritech and distillation infrastructure. 

Leveraging Agritech

  • Data collection modules per farm level – interactive dashboard with geotagged plots
  •  Farm/ plot profiling
  • Details of crop grown, crop stage, losses, expected harvest dates.
  • Tracking field activities, progress and crop yield parameters 
  • Pest / Disease Resolution Module
  • Whatsapp communication with farmers
  • Harvest planning, reporting and yield estimation
Source to Senses

The use of technology increases yields and the trust factor for emerging markets’ produce and in turn the livelihood of farmers.

Customer tool for detailed tracking and tracing

Each farmer product batch is traced from farm to customer using a QR code system.

Customer dashboard

Each customer can access an information and risk management dashboard.