Origin Oils – From Source to Senses 

Origin Oils – From Source to Senses

Over the past 100 years, the global population has almost quadrupled, thereby drastically increasing food production. To meet this ever-increasing demand for food security, unsustainable farming practices were adopted that have contributed to the current climate crisis, as well as land and water degradation and depletion. Environmental awareness is at its peak – governments, corporations, NGOs, environmental groups and consumers around the world are keenly focusing on sustainability. This along with the availability and accessibility to technology has led to innovative agritech solutions that are transforming Indian agriculture through:  

Accessibility to research, infrastructure and technology  

Scientific research on crop selection, crop rotation and best practices for agriculture are now readily available and accessible. Technology is no longer a privilege but rather a necessity and basic technology is available and used widely. While there is still some way to go with the development of infrastructure, India has improved leaps and bounds on this front as well.     

Sustainable agricultural practices 

The planet has been reeling from indiscriminate economic activity over the last century. The agritech sector has taken a very progressive view of sustainable agriculture that is in line with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Soil and water conservation has been made possible with the adoption of AI, IoT, Climate Advisories, and more to better guide farmers. 

Market-connect for farmer produce 

With the aid of app-based solutions, farmers can order input materials or sell their crop output along with getting consultation for prices. Agritech has also brought about easy access to infrastructure in the form of franchise rural stores and bazaars, where farmers can buy inputs, learn vital information, or sell their produce all from one location. Solutions such as B2B platforms for buyers and suppliers, Mandi automation, which will directly connect farmers with institutional customers, online retail, and more are now being actively adopted. 

About Origin Oils 

Where do Origin Oils come into this picture?  

We are an agritech company on a mission to improve the livelihood of marginalized farmers by helping them connect with the global flavour and fragrance industry in a meaningful way. We make this happen by providing farmers a combination of cutting-edge technology, sustainable farming practices and superior processing infrastructure. We support farmers in growing aroma crops and distilling essential oils of the highest standards and in the process creating a long-term international market for their products.  

Visit our website Origin Oils to learn more or connect with us on LinkedIn for further updates.  

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