Developing nurseries

Research and Development is a critical step prior to introducing new crops in a geography and one that requires significant time and resource commitment before any results are visible. We have been running R&D trials and developing nurseries over the last few years for introducing new aromatic and medicinal crops in various regions of Madhya Pradesh. Our R&D activity and nurseries now expand over 25 acres, creating employment for over 100 day labourers of which nearly 70% are women.

Our R&D work has enabled:
– Identifying crop varieties and its suitability for the areas where we are working.

– Getting extensive test results prior to suggesting new crops to farmers and thus reducing any risk for farmers.

– Understanding quality and yields thereby being able to quantify the requirements and economics for crop varieties.

– Availability of nurseries and a sustainable source of planting material for successful crop trials.

– Training for local farmers for new crop types and cultivation methods prior to deploying these on their own farms.

– Employment and steady income generation for farmers.

Some of our successful outcomes include:
– Stevia – introduction of newer varieties of Stevia with high Reb A and Reb M component. We expect farmers to commercially take up stevia cultivation for over 100acres in 2024.

– Davana – Davana is a crop that typically is cultivated in South India. Successful trials for davana in an alternate geography could mean an additional cash crop for farmers prior to their summer crop. For the industry this could mean a more steady supply of Davana resulting in more stable prices.

– Chamomile – Crop cycle for Chamomile is similar to Davana and is a great additional cash crop option for farmers. Chamomile has shown good results in MP and the crop has good value both for dried flowers going into the tea industry as well as chamomile oil for the flavours and fragrance industry.

– Peppermint – Successful peppermint trials means farmers in MP can introduce Peppermint following Davana and prior to the paddy cultivation season to bolster their income.

Post successful lemongrass cultivation for tribal farmers on their fallow lands, we are now working on ways to bolster farmer income through higher ROI crops. Watch this space for further developments and updates!

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